5 Amigurumi Supplies for Beginners

5 Amigurumi Supplies for Beginners

The five basic supplies that you absolutely need to begin crocheting amigurumi are a crochet hook, an aluminum yarn needle, scissors, yarn and stuffing. The following dives into suggestions on which types are recommended. 

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The Pointy Supplies:

  • Scissors: In the beginning, I used those ugly orange kitchen sheers. Then I upgraded to the Revlon brow scissors for its size and convenience. Today, I use the pair you see in the above photo which is sharper, advertised as airline compliant, collapsible, and it still fits into my hook case. Whatever your personal preference or budget allows, really.
  • Yarn Needle: Mine are aluminum, blunt yarn needles that came in 2 sizes, and is a 4 count. I reuse the plastic it came in for easy security. The brand I got was from Susan Bates. Plastic needles are great for beginners!
  • Crochet Hook: I am a fan of aluminum Boye hooks. They have endured for most of my crocheting time. I do not recommend plastic hooks at all, because they stick to the yarn and make an awful squeak sound. 

The Optional: 

  • Measuring Tape: Before I got mine, in the photo above, I used composition notebooks to 'estimate' the measurements of my amigurumi for both digital pattern and handmade listings. Having this item also helps you determine what size packaging you need to order so you do not waste your money.

basic amigurumi supplies

The Soft Supplies:

  • Yarn: Absolute beginners need to try Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. It is cheap, readily available at any Wal-Mart, comes in a variety of colors, and gives the best encouraging results when practicing amigurumi. This is what I use. 
  • Stuffing: I use Pol-fil brand that is 100% polyester and it's advertised being made from recycled materials. When you get your yarn, you can also pick this up in the next aisle of your Wal-Mart. 

To begin amigurumi right away, you need a minimum of $25, without taxes.  

For money-conscious folks starting amigurumi, these supplies are the basic supplies needed. I went through a broke phase when I needed crochet as a creative outlet. So I made due with what I had at the time, and it helped me be conscious of my resources and stopped me from splurging on viral yarn hauls.

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