How to Become an Amigurumi Pattern Designer

How to Become an Amigurumi Pattern Designer [ADP]


An Amigurumi Pattern Designer [APD] is a growing stay-at-home career in 2021. It does include modern business practices of selling digital products, and creating amigurumi related content online. An APD is essentially their own boss. They can decide what and how they create to influence their online presence, and in turn make a living off of it.

I essentially brainstormed this blog post with the bullet points below. And at the time, I thought they were very well-chosen. SMH 

“How to become an amigurumi pattern designer”

  • What is an amigurumi pattern designer?
  • What does the job entail?
  • Pattern design versus handmade seller
  • Health benefits
  • Combine your creativity with that of online business practices. 
  • Who can become an amigurumi pattern designer?

I felt the above was just too vague and dry, so I tried a different approach.

What if I just made a list of steps to become an APD? What would/ could it look like? Make it short, sweet and to-the-point.

The following is what I personally do - in some variations, and to some extent. Like I said, being an APD is yours to create. You make amigurumi ~ you make money while making amigurumi. 


13 Steps to Become an Amigurumi Pattern Designer:

  1. Learn how to read a pattern [lingo, jargon, terms]
  2. Do a test run: can you write as you crochet? Are you constantly aware of the hook size you use and the brand and color you use. How easy can someone get the supplies you use?
  3. Buy your favorite patterns, study and compare [my favorites: Projectarian, Green Frog Crochet, and The Crochetery Store]
  4. Ask the right questions: why do they charge this much? Did they use paid software? Are they the lone designer or are they apart of a team of designers? Did they recruit testers? If so, how many and why?  
  5. Practice your craft, and not just sporadically. 
  6. Decide how you want your patterns to look like, and match your budget
  7. Write and Design your pattern
  8. Test it on social media; on Etsy; Ravelry; or on your personal blog.
  9. When it is to your satisfaction, market it on social media. Be sure to document your process throughout. Social Media audiences adore WIPs and internal struggles. 
  10. Represent your brand to the best of your abilities, when new opportunities open up.
  11. Add to your Archive.
  12. Update, but don’t alter your bestsellers.
  13. Maintain the process you’ve developed making patterns. When you’ve gotten the hang of it, record your entire process in multiple formats [video, photos, writing, etc] Edit, Market and Sell your process. 
  14. ** Repeat as desired.    


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