How to Find the Back Post of a Chain

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back post of chain

Using the Back Post of a Chain [BP] will create a tighter stitch, and a cleaner looking crocheted row. I personally use this technique in all of my work, just for the clean aesthetic look to it. I highly recommend this technique to be a part of your amigurumi repertoire just for limiting gaps and loose stitches for your future work. 


Please click How to Make a Slip Knot, and How to Make a Chain to continue into this technique.


How to Find the Back Post of a Chain:

  • make your chain
  • flip it over
  • you will single crochet, slip stitch or whatever in this back post.
  • you know you did it correctly when it looks like a single crochet from underneath.


make your chain

[make your chains]

flip the chain over

[flip it over]

spot the back post

[spot the back post]

continue crocheting

[continue your work as usual]

The following shows the difference between slip stitching with the back post technique versus with the traditional-through-the-loop way. 

back post only

[slip stitching in the back posts]


[slip stitching the regular way through the loop]


The following video from my Youtube channel- Cult Amigurumi- showcases the essential techniques- including using the back post- in making a chained magic circle. 


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