How to Make A Chain

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How to Make a Chain

You are here to learn how to crochet- and with a little practice and a little persistence- crochet your first amigurumi. Before diving into chaining for the first time, you should check out How to Make a Slip Knot.  


The Chain [CH] is the foundation of crochet, whether it is crochet itself or amigurumi. The chain helps build the structure for the piece to rest upon. It is also the first thing you learn when starting crochet. This will help you establish muscle memory in knowing the structure of a Single Crochet. Knowing how to chain can also expand your creativity with what is possible with amigurumi; like crocheting accessories for future projects.  


For starters, you need yarn and a crochet hook- I recommend using a 3.25 mm crochet hook with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. It is not so big to leave gaps in your amigurumi, but small enough to get yourself used to the process of crocheting amigurumi. 


What To Do:

  • make a slip knot, making sure the working yarn is the one opening and closing the loop.
  • insert your hook, tighten it to where your hook can still easily come back out of the loop.
  • yarn over [YO], by wrapping the yarn around the hook, and pull through the slip knot. This is your first chain.
  • repeat enough times where you feel comfortable, it feels natural, and the chains are somewhat uniform in appearance. This is your foundation chain.

slip knot

[slip knot]

yarn over and pull through

[yarn over and pull through the loop]

chain practice

[repeat until they are uniform]

The following video- on my Youtube channel, Cult Amigurumi- showcases the essential techniques to make an amigurumi: Slip Knot, Chain, Single Crochet, and Magic Circle/ Magic Ring. 


I hope this tutorial was essential in your crocheting a brilliant first amigurumi. Take photos of it, even if they are not up to your current standards now. Recording your progress makes some golden content for your craft, and some necessary, however painful,  review of your work as you progress. Photographing your progress helps so much in learning amigurumi quickly.


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