How to Price Your Amigurumi

How to Price Your Amigurumi

When I did my own deep dive research [and I highly recommend you do your own research as well] in finding out what to price your amigurumi, my findings were disheartening. There was a free craft calculator online that factored real supply cost and manual labor into its equation, and the results were either an unrealistic price, or a price so low you were paying yourself below the poverty level in hourly wage. 

For what I believe is fair, consider the following factors:

  • The yarn: Let's consider an amigurumi made with the same hook size, same pattern, and same yarn weight. Acrylic yarn is cheapest with a wide range of color. For natural fiber yarn - with regards to allergy accommodations - you may charge a couple of dollars more. 
  • The accessories: plastic eyes, rattles, keychains and wires can increase the price you charge for your amigurumi.  
  • The hours: How long did it take to make this particular amigurumi? You may charge roughly $8-12 for a small amigurumi bee [which trends well]. For more elaborate designs for character amigurumi [Sailor Moon], or original designs this can range from $27-50, depending on how long it took you.  
  • The trends: honey and bumble bees are an evergreen amigurumi to sell handmade on an Etsy shop. Teddy Bears, Bunnies, Cats, and Dogs are also classic pieces that are easy in design, and versatile in shapes. Sea critters are always popular, as well as Safari animals. The only ones I caution against are selling any popular character [like Disney] amigurumis because of trademarks and copyrights. [remember the Baby Yoda Fiasco]

As for digital products, I find this more easy to calculate:

  • I charge my original, more elaborate patterns around $5
  • For more seasoned pattern designers, who use editing software, and add one or more languages other than English, I see them charge around $8.
  • For pattern packs, for 3 in 1, $9.99 sounds fair. 

These are the details that I have noticed on Etsy for the past 6 years crocheting amigurumi. Hopefully, this helps you, but to reiterate what I said, please do your research, and do your best assessment. 

Before signing off, please also consider [if this will be your main source of income] the minimum amount to live off per day in reference to a regular job is $100 per day. How many amigurumis can you reasonably make a day? This will then lead you down the road to passive income, digital products, affiliate marketing, and digital courses to help you with the 'daily quota.' 

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