Is Amigurumi Difficult to Learn?

Is Amigurumi Difficult to Learn?

Learning to crochet amigurumi is easy.

With the surge of the internet and its endless Youtube tutorials and crochet blogs, learning to crochet amigurumi has never been easier. In this post you will learn the basic amigurumi supplies, what your first amigurumi should be, and where you can sell your finished item once you're done. 

Where do I start?

Like most crafts, we start with the materials. You can walk into your nearest Wal-Mart and get the following basic amigurumi supplies:

  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn $4 per 7oz skein
  • 3.5mm crochet hook $5
  • Poly-fil polyester stuffing $6 for 20oz bag
  • Yarn needles $2 
  • Scissors  $8

If you want to know where to buy online, and how much it costs to start, check out 5 Basic Amigurumi Supplies.


What can I make for my first amigurumi?

Here are some of the easiest patterns trending right now. They incorporate the basic techniques for beginners, use minimal materials, and have multiple tutorials on Youtube for easy and immersive crocheting. 

is amigurumi difficult


Can I sell what I make?

  • Of course you may sell what you make. You may try your hand at Etsy, or another seller platform. 
  • You may try weekend markets in your local area, because amigurumi is popular with families. 
  • You may also advertise your finished items and your amigurumi journey on Youtube as a beginner’s vlog. 


where can i sell my amigurumi


Learning to crochet amigurumi is easier today than it was ten years ago because of an increase of amigurumi tutorials on Youtube, and free patterns on many amigurumi blogs, including mine. Social media is another fun resource to build your skills alongside a community of your peers. #communityovercompetition 

Please leave a comment and let me know what else you like to learn about amigurumi. Thanks for stopping by. Keep Count and Stay Creative, my friends!

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