Measure Your Amigurumi Like This

Measure Your Amigurumi Like This.

When listing your amigurumi for sale, whether it's made to order or a digital pattern, this is how to measure your finished amigurumi. Using a regular measuring tape, you measure your amigurumi's height (bottom to top). Then you measure its width (side to side), and finally it's length (end to end, or in this example, front to back). If you're American, be sure to convert your measurements from inches to centimeters for international courtesy. 


How to measure your amigurumi's height

Height is measured from bottom to top.


How to measure your amigurumi's width

Width is measured from side to side. According to my research, width and depth can be interchangable.


How to measure your amigurumi's length

Length is measured from end to end.


 How you should write your measurements in your listing:

You state how the numbers will be displayed like so: H x W x L (#s in/cm)

Example: H (bottom to top) x W (side to side) x L (front to back)

Inches: 3.5 in x 3 in x 2 in

Centimeters: 8.89cm x 7.62 cm x 5.08 cm



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