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Where to Get Amigurumi Eyes

amigurumi for beginners where to buy amigurumi eyes

I understand how daunting it is to find a solid range of safety eyes for beginner amigurumi crocheters. It's almost overwhelming... But the great thing about Cult Amigurumi, is that the safety eyes that we curate here are of quality and they come with a great opportunity. More on that later...

In my experience- crocheting amigurumi since 2016- I found it challenging not only to find the plastic safety eyes, but to know that they had me- as a consumer- in mind. I did not want to continue to buy batch after batch of eyes from unknown sellers on established sites like Amazon and Wish, and hope to G-O-D that I did not get jipped, especially when searching for a lower price range. 

For cheaper price ranges, I do recommend Wish. However, with their vast amount of differing sellers selling for selling sake, it's really a role of the dice of whether you found a solid supplier. 

As for Amazon, I've used it in the past. The products and the service is splendid. However, I could not help but think that they don't really have crocheters like me in mind when they curate their eyes. For example, with their 100 count for their black eyes, it comes in multiple sizes. These are sizes that I do not have control over, and the chances of me ever using the sizes that I don't use, seem wasteful. 

That's why with Cult Amigurumi Plastic Safety Eyes, I have in stock the Classic Black in your choice of size. So if you order 100 pieces of size 9mm in Classic Black, that is exactly what you will get.

For beginners, the standard size to begin with in amigurumi eyes is 9 or 10mm, here below




If you'd like to experiment with Glitter Eyes in a range of beautiful colors, we have each batch of 20 pieces for whatever size or color you choose

Check out our Amigurumi Eyes Collection here

If you find our amigurumi safety eyes to your satisfaction, consider becoming an affiliate with us. You will receive 10% commissions for both sales and referrals, just by buying and sharing your finished work on any social media platforms that you have. 

Click here to sign up with our affiliate program.

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