Free Buddy Rabbit Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

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How to Crochet a Classic Buddy Rabbit Bunny Amigurumi.

Everyone deserves to make their own buddy, no matter your crocheting level. I designed an amigurumi form with minimal pieces. You can use budget acrylic yarn or your own preferred stash, this pattern is flexible. This is the perfect handmade gift for little ones. Keep Count & Stay Creative, my friends! 

General Disclaimers for Pattern Use

 ***Note: This pattern contains affiliate links that do earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. I thought to include it to show what the materials here looked like.


  • MC magic circle/ ring
  • SC single crochet
  • INC increase
  • DEC invisible decrease
  • CH chain
  • PUFF hdc puff stitch
  • SL ST slip stitch
  • SL KN slip knot
  • FO fasten off
  • FLO front loop only
  • Must know basic sewing.



  • Yarn
  • crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Stuffing



Feet to Body [make foot 1, then foot 2, connect, continue into body and head]

  • [foot 1] MC, 6 SC
  • INC 6x [12]
  • SC, INC 6x [18]
  • 2 SC, INC 6x [24]
  • 24 SC for 2 rounds
  • Dec 6x, 12 sc [18]
  • Dec 3x, 12 sc [15]
  • F0, stuff and tuck tail into foot.
  • [foot 2] repeat as foot 1, but do not FO. stuff.
  • [when connecting your feet, foot 1 is left, foot 2 is right.]


  • Sc around foot 1, then foot 2 [30 sc]
  • [you should end at the middle of the back of your amigurumi] 12 sc, inc 6x, 12 sc [36]
  • 36 sc for 3 rounds
  • (4 sc, dec)6x [30]
  • 30 sc for 1 round
  • (3 sc, dec)6x [24]
  • 24 sc for 1 round [stuff firmly all around the ‘belly.’]
  • (2 sc, dec) 6x [18]
  • 18 sc for 3 rounds
  • (sc, dec) 6x [12]
  • 12 sc for 1 round [finish stuffing body before beginning the head]
  • FLO, inc 12x [24]
  • (3 sc, inc)6x [30]
  • 30 sc for 3 rounds
  • [flatten the head section, this next round must begin on the left ‘cheek,’ or the right if you are facing your amigurumi] dec 3x, 3 sc, dec 3x, 15 sc [24]

  • 24 sc for 4 rounds [stuff firmly]
  • Dec 12x [12]
  • FO, and close top of the head. Tuck ends into head.


ARMS [make 2]

  • [working in an oval round] CH 4, SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC, 3 SC in 1st CH,*rotate to other side* SC, 2 SC in the original 2nd CH from hook, finish the round with an SC in that round’s 1st SC. [8]
  • SC, INC 3X, SC, INC 3X [14]
  • 14 SC for 3 rounds [stuff this portion of the arm only]
  • ~DEC only at the two lateral sides of the arm [12]
  • 12 SC for 3 rounds
  • SC the arm opening together [~5 SC]
  • FO, with a decent tail to sew to body, like a round below the neck.


EARS [make 2]

  • Leave a short starting tail, CH 11, SC in 2nd CH from hook, 8 SC, 3 SC in the 1st CH, 9 SC, CH 1, turn [21]
  • 9 SC, INC 3x, 9 SC [24]
  • FO, sew to head.



  • Leave a long starter tail, CH 4, PUFF in 2nd CH from hook, and SL ST into 1st CH
  • FO, leave a long tail like the starter tail. sew to bum.


FACE [snout & 2 eye options]
(black for light colors, white for dark colors)
Sew a “T,” for the snout.
Option EYE 1: Sew 2 diagonal lines for the eyes. [as seen in photos] OR


Option EYE 2- Eyelids: Sew in one direction making ‘dotted lines,’ then sew back under each ‘dot’ essentially connecting the dots. Make this even on both sides.




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