4 Free Three Headed Critter Patterns | Cult Amigurumi

4 Free Three Headed Critter Patterns | Cult Amigurumi

Three heads are better than two with these free amigurumi patterns. Cult Amigurumi patterns are meant to look complicated, but it uses simple amigurumi techniques while still maintaining its kawaii aesthetic. Try your hand on these free teddy bear, bunny, cat, and puppy amigurumi patterns.


 Three Headed Teddy Bear

free 3 headed teddy bear amigurumi pattern


Three Headed Bunny Rabbit

free 3 headed bunny rabbit amigurumi pattern


Three Headed Kitty Cat

free 3 headed kitty cat amigurumi pattern


 Three Headed Puppy Dog

free 3 headed puppy dog amigurumi pattern


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