Demon Darling Doll | Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Demon Darling Doll | Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern


Demon Darling Doll was an amigurumi pattern I designed in August 2021. Without the frills and skirts and dresses, this became the skeleton of my amigurumi doll form. I enjoyed the proportions very much in this design. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did.

Please keep in mind, this free pattern does not have photos. If you prefer a pattern with step-by-step photos along with the instructions, please visit my Etsy shop: TheCultAmigurumi. (See Demon Darling Doll on Etsy.

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Disclaimer (see Pattern Use below)

You may make as many as you wish to give away or sell. You may not resell or claim this pattern or its images as your own. Please cite Cult Amigurumi as the original designer of the work you produce from this pattern. Thank you!

Yarn Brand and colors: Stylecraft Special DK (affiliate link here)

  • Hair: black
  • Skin: off white
  • Main: lipstick [red]
  • Eyes: black 

Other Materials

  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing 


US Terms

  • MC magic circle/ ring OR CH2, 6SC in 1st CH 
  • SC single crochet 
  • INC increase
  • DEC invisible decrease
  • CC color change
  • SL ST slip stitch
  • CH chain
  • TC triple crochet
  • HDC half double crochet
  • DC double crochet
  • BP back post of chain
  • BLO back loop only
  • FLO front loop only
  • FO fasten/ finish off



Arms [make 2: off white, lipstick]

  • Start with Off white - MC, 6 SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9 SC 
  • CC lipstick, 9 SC for 7 rounds
  • SC the arm opening closed together. [~4 SC]
  • Stuff the arms very lightly. This is optional.

Ears [off white; make 2]

  • Leave a long tail, make a slip knot, CH 2, 6 SC in the first chain, FO, leave a long tail.

Tail [lipstick]

  • Leave a long tail, CH 19, SL ST back to the first chain [18]
  • FO, leave a long tail.

Bangs [black]

  • Leave a long tail 
  • CH 19, 18 HDC, repeat until there’s 5 strands.
  • FO, leave a long tail.

Hair [black]

  • Leave a long tail, CH 13, 12 HDC, CH 1, turn
  • BLO, 12 HDC, CH 1, turn [repeat for 4 more times; that’s 8 rows of 12 HDC total]
  • Meet the tails together by SC in every row to the end [8 SC]
  • FO, leave a long tail.

Horns [lipstick; make 2]

  • MC, 6SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9 SC
  • INC, 2 SC, 3X [12]
  • 12 SC
  • FO, leave a long tail.

Tendrils [black]

  • Leave a long tail, CH 22, 21 HDC, CH 22, 21 HDC, SL ST in CH 1 of the first strand.


Feet to Head [lipstick]

  • Leg 1, MC, 6SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9 SC for 8 rounds, FO.
  • Repeat for Leg 2, but don’t FO
  • CH 3, 9 SC around Leg 1
  • 3 SC into the BP of the CH3, 9 SC around Leg 2, 3 SC into the front of the CH 3, [24 sc]
  • 24 SC for 4 rounds
  • 2 SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • 18 SC for 3 rounds
  • Stuff the body half way
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • 12 SC for 2 rounds
  • Lightly stuff the rest of the body.
  • CC off white, 2 SC, DEC, 3X [9] *neck
  • 9 SC for 1 round
  • FLO INC 9X [18]
  • 2 SC, INC, 6X [24]
  • 3 SC, INC 6X [30]
  • 4 SC, INC 6X [36]
  • 5 SC, INC, 6X [42]
  • 42 SC for 8 rounds
  • CC black, 5 SC, DEC, 6X [36]
  • 4 SC, DEC, 6X [30]
  • 3 SC, DEC, 6X [24]
  • 2 SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • Stuff the head well.
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • FO, cinch to close, tuck ends into the head.


Assemble the doll.

  1. Use black yarn to sew on the eyelids. Brows are optional.
  2. Sew on the tail. 
  3. Sew on the ears and the arms. 
  4. Sew on the bangs. Anchor down the sideburns, then style the side swept bangs over one eyelid. 
  5. Sew on the horns. 
  6. Anchor the tendrils in the middle, wrap around the horns, sew them down like sideburns. 
  7. Sew the back of the hair on, covering any bald spots. 


Let me know how I did with this pattern. Thanks for supporting Cult Amigurumi. Keep Count & Stay Creative, my friends!


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