Disney Inspired Bao Dumpling | Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Disney Inspired Bao Dumpling | Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern


This was so much fun to make! From the moment I watched the Disney short film, I knew I had to make a Bao. After a lot of trial and error, I fell in love with this particular shape, and feel. The Cabbage was done a bit haphazardly, but I wrote the pattern for it nonetheless. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did.


This amigurumi design was inspired by Disney’s Short film, Bao. And because it is a copyright character, this pattern is for personal use only, and I leave it here for free. [no direct monetary gain] Understand that if you choose to make this character for profit [online or otherwise], Cult Amigurumi will not be held liable/ responsible for YOUR actions. 

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This pattern is here for FUN ONLY. Thank you! 


  • 2.25mm crochet hook 
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn [Red Heart super saver: off white and bone. Mainstays Basic: green]
  • Stuffing [poly-fill]
  • Yarn needle [for embroidery and fastening off]
  • Yarn scissors 
  • Optional: stitch markers {I use a scrap piece of yarn}, pins to hold arms and legs in place while sewing. [I personally don’t use this]


Terms to Know:

  • MC/ MR- magic circle/ ring
  • SC- single crochet
  • INC- increase
  • DEC- invisible decrease
  • RNDS- rounds
  • FO- fasten off, cut generous tail, and pull tail out through last stitch.
  • CH- chain
  • DC- double crochet
  • TC- triple crochet
  • SL ST- slip stitch
  • Basic Embroidery: for the mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Squish test: You must stuff the amigurumi enough. Too much stuffing= stretched stitches and stuffing peaked through. Too little stuffing= does not retain shape when ‘squished.’ It must feel firm with no dents along the piece.


Bao (start with Off White) 2.25mm hook

  • MC, 6 SC
  • 2 SC, INC, 2X (8)
  • 2 SC, INC 3X (12)
  • 3 SC, INC 3X (15)
  • 2 SC, INC, 5X (20)
  • 3 SC, INC 5X (25)
  • 4 SC, INC 5X (30)
  • 5 SC, INC 5X (35)
  • 6 SC, INC, 5X (40)
  • 7 SC, INC, 5X (45)
  • 8 SC, INC, 5X (50)
  • 9 SC, INC, 5X (55)
  • 10 SC, INC, 5X (60)
  • 60 SC for 7 RNDS
  • 8 SC, DEC, 6X (54)
  • 7 SC, DEC, 6X (48)
  • 6 SC, DEC, 6X (42)
  • 5 SC, DEC, 6X (36)
  • 4 SC, DEC, 6X (30)
  • 3 SC, DEC, 6X (24) Stuff head
  • 2 SC, DEC, 6X (18)
  • 18 SC/ Stuff head
  • 2 SC, INC, 6X (24)
  • 24 SC
  • 3 SC, INC, 6X (30)
  • 30 SC
  • 4 SC, INC, 6X (36)
  • 36 SC, for 3 RNDS
  • 4 SC, DEC, 6X (30)
  • 3 SC, DEC, 6X (24)
  • 2 SC, DEC, 6X (18) Stuff body
  • 1 SC, DEC, 6X (12)
  • FO with long tail, sew through every other FLO, and cinch to close. Tie off and tuck ends into body. 

Embroider the eyes and smile using the light brown [bone] yarn, use off white for nose.

*Be sure to stuff the arms and legs when sewing pieces to the body. Must pass the squish test.


Arms [make 2, Off White] 2.25mm hook

  • MC 6 SC
  • SC, INC, 3X (9)
  • 9SC for 3 RNDS
  • FO with long tail, sew to body into crook of neck [make it look like Bao is reaching up], tie off and tuck ends into body.

Legs [make 2, Off White] 2.25mm hook

  • MC 6 SC
  • INC, 6X (12)
  • 12SC for 2 RNDS
  • FO with long tail, sew to body as seen in pics. Tie and tuck in ends.

Cabbage [green] 5mm hook

  • MC 6SC
  • INC, 6X (12)
  • SC, INC, 6X (18)
  • 2 SC, INC, 6X (24)
  • CH2, 3TC in each of the next 11SC, 2TC in next sc, CH2, SL ST in same sc,
  • 3DC in each of the next 11SC, 2DC in next sc, CH2, SL ST in same sc.
  • [next 2 rounds are not precise. Goal is to fan out the leaf to cradle Bao’s head]
  • The half of the cabbage leaf with triple crochets will have 2TC in between each post. The other half with double crochets will have 2DC in between each post.
  • Last round will only have one in between each post. {TC=TC/ DC=DC}
  • FO, weave tail through the center of the cabbage leaf and snip excess. *Optional: you can sew the cabbage to the back of Bao if desired.

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