Free Princess Rapunzel Doll Pattern | Cult Amigurumi

Free Princess Rapunzel Doll Pattern | Cult Amigurumi

Whenever I get a spur of creative energy, I do a bunch of amigurumi back to back. Rapunzel was the first doll in my style that I did in this series. I look forward to making more Disney princess amigurumi patterns for y'all to follow and enjoy.  

Thank you so much for supporting my amigurumi. *There is an affiliate link to where I buy the yarn for this pattern. (highlighted) I earn a small commission when you buy anything using my link at no additional cost to you. Everyone gets a 15% off their first order at



You may make as many as you - yourself -  wish. Please cite “Cult Amigurumi” as the original designer.

You may not resell this pattern or its images in part or in whole to a third party distributor for mass production. You may not claim this pattern or its images as yours. 



  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Stylecraft Special DK yarn [black, stone, camel, clematis, and fuchsia purple]
  • Poly-fil stuffing and the stick it comes with
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker or a small contrast color yarn


Terms to Know

  • MC magic circle, or CH2, 6SC in CH1
  • SL ST slip stitch
  • CH chain
  • SC single crochet
  • CC color change
  • HDC half double crochet
  • INC increase
  • DEC invisible decrease
  • FLO  front loop only
  • BLO back loop only
  • FO fasten/ finish off
  • Basic sewing/ embroidery skills



Legs to Body to Head 

  • Leg 1 Stone- MC 6SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9SC for 9 rounds
  • Repeat with Leg 2
  • CC fuchsia purple- SC, CH3, 9SC around Leg 1, 3SC in 3CH, 9SC in Leg 2, 3SC in 3CH [24]
  • 24SC for 3 rounds
  • BLO 24SC
  • CC clematis- 2SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • 18SC for 3 rounds
  • Stuff the body
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • CC stone- 12SC
  • 12SC
  • stuff the rest of the body. [like Goldilocks, it must be just right]
  • BLO 12SL ST
  • FLO INC 12X [24]
  • SC, INC, 12X [36]
  • 36SC for 7 rounds
  • CC camel- 4SC, DEC, 6X [30]
  • 3SC, DEC, 6X [24]
  • 2SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • stuff the head firmly 
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • FO, cinch to close, tie off and tuck the tail inside the head. 




  • MC 6SC
  • INC, SC 2X [8]
  • 8SC for 5 rounds
  • CC fuchsia purple- FLO INC, SC, 4X [12]
  • 12SC
  • DEC, SC, 4X [8]
  • 3SC, pinch, SC the opening together. [3]
  • FO, leave a long tail for sewing.
  • Do not stuff the arms

Color Change Tutorial 



  • Camel- leave a long tail, CH13, 12HDC, CH13, 12HDC
  • CH16, 15HDC, [repeat 3x]
  • CH13, 12HDC, CH13, 12HDC
  • FO, leave the same length tail as the beginning.


Long hair

  • Camel- leave a long tail, MC 6SC
  • INC, 6X [12]
  • SC, INC, 6X [18]
  • 2SC, INC, 6X [24]
  • CH31, 30HDC, skip a stitch, SL ST in FLO of the next stitch, repeat this 4x 
  • CH1, turn or flip over the piece, using the BLO of the previous round, CH31, 30HDC, skip a loop, SL ST in the next loop, repeat for another 2x [total of 7 strands]
  • Leave a long tail before FO.



  • Using the FLO of the 24SC of the body, start at the back center of the body with the head towards you.
  • SL ST and SC in the same loop, INC in the next loop, repeat this in every loop around [36]
  • SL ST, CH1, HDC in the same stitch, HDC in every stitch around [36]
  • Repeat for a total of 3 rounds of 36HDC,
  • FO, weave and tuck in the ends through the skirt and into the body, before snipping any excess.




Sew on the arms 


Sew on the bangs by anchoring the four on the sides, and side sweeping the middle 3 across one side.



Flip long hair wrong side up, using the MC tail to center the hair piece, sew the hair piece along the back near the bangs, and then anchor the 4 strands to the back of the head, don’t cut.

Make the other tail meet the first tail, but in a neighboring stitch. Double knot and tuck the ends into the head.  


Do a triple strand braid halfway down, then join it with the 4 strands and continue to braid down.

Use the same color yarn to tie all 7 strand tails together. Triple knot, snip and hide the ends inside the braid. 


Using fuchsia purple-  embroider the laces or ‘X’s on the chest/ torso

Using black- embroider the eyes 3 stitches apart. 

 Easy Eye Tutorial (headphone users, volume is loud on this one. So sorry!)

Your Rapunzel Doll is done!

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