Russ Troll Jr Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Russ Troll Jr Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Russ the Baby Troll Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Russ Troll Jr Pattern

I was inspired by my rowdy toddler, who is at the stage of licking EVERYTHING! I was also in a sort of cynical mood at the time of this design. I love how I used a little bit of rage crochet and real life inspo to make this amigurumi pattern absolutely divine!  

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  • You may not claim this pattern or its images as yours.
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  • Stylecraft Special DK yarn [black, white, camel (tan brown), cypress (cool-toned dark green), and lipstick (red)]
  • 2mm crochet hook [yields 5 inch figure]
  • *Secondary yarn and hook: Red Heart Super Saver yarn in above mentioned colors, and crochet hook size 2.75mm [yields 8 inch figure]
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing [with stick included in most Poly-fil bags]
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker or piece of yarn

Terms to Know [links to my youtube tutorials are here for you]
  • MC magic circle or CH2, 6SC in 1st CH
  • SC single crochet
  • INC increase
  • DEC invisible decrease
  • FLO front loop only
  • BLO back loop only
  • FO fasten/ finish off
  • CC color change
  • CH chain
  • DC double crochet
  • HDC half double crochet
  • SLST slip stitch
  • PUFF puff stitch with HDC 
  • Backwards SC 


Pattern [crochet all pieces before assembly]

Feet to Head

  • Foot 1/ start with camel- Leave a short tail, CH6, INC in 2nd CH from hook, 3SC, 4SC in the 1st CH, 3SC, INC to complete the round [14]
  • INC in the next 2 stitches, 3SC, INC in the next 4 stitches, 3SC, INC in the last 2 stitches [22]
  • SC, INC, SC, INC, 3SC, [SC, INC]4X, 3SC, SC, INC, SC, INC [30]
  • BLO, 30SC
  • 30SC
  • 8SC, 12HDC, 10SC [30]
  • 8SC, DEC 6X, 10SC [24]
  • 8SC, DEC 6X, 4SC [18]
  • 18SC for 2 rounds
  • Lightly stuff the foot, FO, and tuck the tail into the foot. 
  • Repeat for Foot 2
  • Put both feet side by side
  • CC Cypress- start from the outside of the left foot, 9SC, CH6, SC in the other foot, then SC around right foot, SC into the BP of the 6CH, 9SC in the remaining stitches of the left foot. [48]
  • 48SC for 8 rounds
  • Stuff the feet firmly before stuffing the body.
  • 6SC, DEC, 6X [42]
  • 42SC for 2 rounds
  • CC Camel- 42SC
  • 5SC, DEC, 6X [36]
  • 36SC for 2 rounds
  • 4SC, DEC, 6X [30]
  • 30SC
  • 8SC, DEC, 3X [27]
  • 27SC for 4 rounds
  • Stuff the body firmly.
  • 27SL ST 
  • FLO, 27SC
  • 8SC, INC, 3X [30]
  • 30SC (*use this round to land dead center at the back of the neck/head. This will insure cheek placement in face)
  • INC 30X [60]
  • 60SC for 6 rounds
  • 19SC, DEC 3X, 10SC, DEC 3X, 19SC [54]
  • 16SC, DEC 3X, 10SC, DEC3X, 16SC [48]
  • 48SC for 6 rounds
  • 6SC, DEC, 6X [42]
  • 5SC, DEC, 6X [36]
  • 4SC, DEC, 6X [30]
  • 3SC, DEC, 6X [24]
  • 2SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • Stuff the head firmly, making sure to stuff the cheeks as well. 
  • FO, cinch to close, tie off, and tuck the tail into the head. 

Eyes [make 2, white]

  • MC, 6SC
  • INC, 6X [12]
  • SC, INC, 6X [18]
  • 18SC for 2 rounds
  • 4SC, DEC, 3X [15]
  • 3SC, DEC, 3X [12]
  • 2SC, DEC, 3X [9]
  • SC, DEC, 3X [6]
  • Leave a long tail, FO, cinch to close, weave the tail through the top down to the “cat’s butt” of the MC. Leave the tail long, do not snip.

Eyelids [make 2, camel]

  • Leave a long tail, CH13, SC in the 2nd CH from the hook, 11SC, CH1, turn
  • 12HDC, CH1, SL ST
  • FO, leave a tail the same length as the beginning tail.

Pupils [make 2, black]

  • Leave a long tail and do not crochet over it. CH2, 6SC in CH1
  • FO, leave the same length of tail as the beginning.

Bottom lip [camel]

Tongue [lipstick]

  • Leave a short tail to crochet over it, CH9, DC in the 3rd CH from the hook, DC, 2 HDC, 2SC, 4SC in the 1st CH.
  • Opposite side of the foundation CH, 2SC, 2HDC, 2DC, CH2, SL ST 
  • FO, leave a long tail to sew.  

Arms [make 2, camel]

  • MC, 6SC
  • INC, 6X [12]
  • SC, INC, 6X [18]
  • 18SC
  • PUFF, 17SC
  • 18SC
  • 4SC, DEC, 3X [15]
  • 15SC for 2 rounds
  • 3SC, DEC, 3X [12]
  • 12SC for 3 rounds
  • The last stitch should line up with the thumb (PUFF)
  • Stuff the arm halfway, pinch the opening to close and SC the sides together [5]
  • FO, leave a long tail to sew. 

Nostrils [make 2, camel]

  • Leave a long tail, CH2, 3SC in the 1st CH, CH1, turn
  • INC in each of the 3 stitches, SL ST in the original 1st CH.
  • Leave a long tail to sew. 

Horns [make 2, white]

  • MC, 6SC
  • SC, INC, 3X [9]
  • 9SC
  • 2SC, INC, 3X [12]
  • 4SC, 4DC, 4SC
  • SC, INC, 6X [18]
  • 6SC, 6DC, 6SC
  • 18SC
  • FO, leave a long tail to sew, lightly stuff the horn halfway.

Horn rings [make 2, camel]

  • Leave a short tail, CH19, SL ST to the 1st CH, CH1,
  • Wrap the SC around the CH ring, 24SC, SL ST,
  • Leave a long tail to sew. 

Ears [make 2, cypress and camel] 

  • Start with Cypress- with a short tail, CH10, DC in the 3rd CH from the hook, 6DC, 4DC in the 1st CH, 7DC in the opposite side of the foundation chain, CH2, turn
  • 7DC, 2DC in each of the next 4 stitches, 7DC, CH2, SL ST, FO, snip medium length tail.
  • Repeat with camel, but do not FO or cut.
  • Layer the cypress in front of the camel and single crochet them together, 7SC, [SC, INC]4X, 7SC [26]
  • SC in the same stitch, tuck the cypress tail inside the ear, and SC across to close up the bottom, CH1. [9]
  • Fold the ear in half, longways, and SC together to stay folded. [4]
  • FO, leave a long tail to sew. 



  • Sew on the eyes.
  • Sew on the eyelids. 
  • Sew on the pupils.
  • Sew on the nostrils.
  • Sew on the tongue to the base of the chin. Only at the base, so it can flap up and down. 
  • Sew on the bottom lip over the tongue. Do not sew the lip onto the tongue. 
  • Sew on the horns halfway, stuff the rest of the horn before sewing it all the way around. Sew them a stitch away from the eyelids. 
  • Sew on the horn rings. 
  • Sew on the ears, right below the horns. 
  • Sew on the arms. Make sure the thumbs are up!

Russ the Baby Troll is complete!


If you'd like to download this pattern to crochet at your leisure see the following links below:

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