Sailor Moon Doll | Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Sailor Moon Doll | Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern


I've been studying the amigurumi doll form for the past 5 years. Today I have finally made the shape that I am satisfied with. Hopefully, crocheting this doll form will inspire y'all to make your own original designs. This is the culmination of all the skills I have acquired, tested, and loved over my career as an amigurumi pattern designer. I am super proud of this piece. Thank you all for your support.

This is an original doll design inspired by the beautiful anime series, Sailor Moon. Please see my general disclaimers for pattern use of popular characters. Thank you and Enjoy!

*This post does have affiliate links that do earn me commissions at no extra cost to you. I've put these here for you to see what colors I've used for this pattern. Other links are to YouTube tutorials. 



  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Stylecraft Special DK yarn [black, white, parchment (skin), citron (yellow), turquoise (blue), and lipstick (red)]
  • [*variation*]3.25 mm hook with Red Heart Super Saver yarn will yield a doll roughly double the size of this pattern’s doll. [~8 inches tall]
  • Stuffing [Poly-fil brand comes with its own stick. This will help.]
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle



Terms to Know

  • MC magic circle/ ring, or CH 2, 6 SC in 1st CH
  • SC single crochet
  • INC increase
  • DEC invisible decrease
  • BP back post [every chaining in this pattern, uses the back post]
  • CC color change
  • SL ST slip stitch
  • FO fasten off [I use this term to signal the piece is finished, use whatever technique you wish here: i.e. SL ST, etc..] 
  • BLO back loop only
  • FLO front loop only
  • CH chain
  • HDC half double crochet
  • DC double crochet
  • TC triple crochet



Pattern [all separate pieces will be crocheted first]

Legs to Head [lipstick, white, parchment, and citron]
Leg 1 [the legs do not need to be stuffed]

  • Lipstick MC, 6SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9 SC for 3 rounds
  • CC white, 9 SC for 1 round
  • CC parchment, 9 SC for 4 rounds, FO [use this technique]

  • Repeat for Leg 2, but don’t FO
  • CC white, 9 SC for 1 round, CH 3, 9 SC around Leg 1

  • 3 SC into the BP of the CH3, 9 SC around Leg 2, 3 SC into the front of the CH 3, [24 sc]
  • 24 SC for 2 rounds

  • BLO 24 SC

  • 2 SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • 18 SC for 3 rounds
  • Stuff the body half way
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • 12 SC for 2 rounds
  • Stuff the body a little more
  • CC parchment 2 SC, DEC, 3X [9] *neck
  • 9 SC for 1 round
  • FLO INC 9X [18]
  • 2 SC, INC, 6X [24]
  • 3 SC, INC 6X [30]
  • 4 SC, INC 6X [36]
  • 5 SC, INC, 6X [42]
  • 42 SC for 8 rounds
  • 5 SC, DEC, 6X [36]
  • 4 SC, DEC, 6X [30]
  • 3 SC, DEC, 6X [24]
  • 2 SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • Stuff the head well.
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • FO, cinch to close, tuck ends into the head.

Arms [white, lipstick, then parchment; make 2]

  • White MC, 6 SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9 SC for 3 rounds
  • CC lipstick 9 SC for 1 round
  • CC parchment 9 SC for 4 rounds [tuck CC ends inside the arm]
  • SC the arm opening closed together. [~4 SC]

Collar [turquoise]

  • Leave a long tail, CH 21, 20 HDC, CH 1, turn, 20 HDC, CH 2, SL ST in the same stitch, leave a long tail.

Ribbon [lipstick; 2 parts]

  • Leave a long tail, CH 4, 3 TC in CH 1, CH 3, SL ST in the same CH 1. Repeat. Leave a long tail before snipping. Wrap one tail 3x one way around the middle of the bow, wrap the other tail 3x the other way around the middle of the bow, and double knot the tails. Do not cut the tails yet.

  • Leave a long tail, CH 6, 5 SC, CH 6, 5 SC, SL ST in CH 1 of the first 5 SC strand, FO, leave a long tail.

Head jewels [lipstick, make 3] *forgive the pic below, I had already sewn the 1st jewel on the doll's forehead before taking this pic. 

  • Leave a long tail, CH 2, 8 SC in CH 1, snip a tail as long as the beginning tail, and pull the tail through the last SC. click here for my FO technique.

Bangs [citron]

  • Leave, a long tail, CH 13, 12 SC, CH 11, 10 SC, CH 9, 8 SC,
  • CH 9, 8 SC, SL ST to the 1st CH of the 8 SC strand,
  • CH 11, 10 SC, SL ST to the 1st CH of the 10 SC strand,
  • CH 13, 12 SC, SL ST to the 1st CH of the 12 SC strand,
  • FO, leave a long tail.

Buns [citron, make 2]

  • MC 6SC
  • INC 6X [12]
  • SC, INC 6X [18]
  • 18 SC for 3 rounds
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • Lightly stuff the bun
  • FO, leave a long tail.

Pigtails [citron, make 2]

  • Leave long tail, CH 31, 30 HDC, CH 31, 30 HDC, CH 1, leave a long tail, pull tail through the CH 1 to FO. [each pigtail has 2 strands]

Back of the Hair piece [citron]

  • Leave a long tail, CH 13, 12 HDC, CH 1, turn
  • BLO, 12 HDC, CH 1, turn [repeat this row 4 more times; that’s 6 rows of 12 HDC total]
  • down the side, SC in every row to the end [6 SC]
  • FO, leave a long tail.  



[Cashapp: $cultamigurumi My goal is to get a decent camera and overhead setup to film free amigurumi tutorials on my YouTube channel; any donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!]


Sew one red head jewel onto the forehead, right below the color change.

Embroider the eyes using black yarn.

Sew dotted lines one way, loop back through the dotted lines the other way.  

Do the same for the other eye, and double knot where you started. See blue circle in the picture above. 

Skirt [turquoise]

  • Starting at the back of your doll, its legs face away from you.
  • Start with a short tail, make a slip knot. Do not put on hook yet.
  • Place your hook in the center loop on the waist of the doll. Place the slip knot onto the hook, tighten, and make a SL ST. SC in the same loop, with the short tail to lock it in place.
  • 2 SC, INC, (3 SC, INC) 5X [30 SC] don’t SL ST.
  • 4 SC, INC, 6X [36 SC] don’t SL ST.
  • 35 DC, 1 HDC, SL ST. weave medium length tail through the underside of the skirt, and into the body before snipping.

Sew the arms on the sides of the body, one round below the neck. FO or tie off under the armpits.

Attach the collar in the center where the chest and waist meet.

Attach the ribbon tassel first, then the bow.

Attach the bangs. Use the long tails to sew each bang strand against the forehead, and sew the back of the bangs down against the top of the head. Tuck ends into the head. 

Attach the back hair piece. Use the long tails to sew the hair piece like a faux-hawk on the doll's head. 

Attach the buns.

Attach the last 2 red hair jewels.

Attach the pigtails. Sew them along the edge of the back hair piece, under the bun, and down along the side of the face. Make sure it is not too close to the eye.


Leave a comment to let me know how I did with this pattern. Thanks for supporting Cult Amigurumi. Keep Count & Stay Creative, my friends!

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