Syrinx the Mermaid Doll Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Syrinx the Mermaid Doll Free Cult Amigurumi Pattern

Syrinx Mermaid Doll Pattern

Syrinx the Mermaid is a minimalist. She loathes frills and excess. "Keep It Simple, Stupid," is her motto. She thinks Ariel's grotto in "The Little Mermaid," was a total atrocity. She is the unofficial designated social director of the crew; anywhere the Cult Dolls go, Syrinx plans it out to a tee.

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You may make as many as you - yourself -  wish to give away or sell. Please cite “Cult Amigurumi” as the original designer.

You may not resell this pattern or its images in part or in whole to a third party distributor for mass production. You may not claim this pattern or its images as yours. 

Please note: I sell my patterns only on Etsy. (Dec 2021)

  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Stylecraft Special DK yarn [Fuchsia Purple, Clematis, Aspen, and Storm Blue]
  • Poly-fil stuffing 
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needles 

Terms to Know
  • MC magic circle, CH2, 6SC in 1st CH
  • SC single crochet
  • INC increase
  • DEC invisible decrease
  • FLO front loop only
  • BLO back loop only
  • CC color change
  • CH chain
  • HDC half double crochet
  • BP back post of a chain
  • SL ST slip stitch
  • FO fasten/ finish off


Fins > Body > Head

  • Start with Aspen- MC, 6SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • INC, 2SC, 3X [12]
  • 12SC for 2 rounds
  • DEC, 2SC, 3X [9]
  • DEC, SC, 3X [6]
  • FO
  • Repeat for 2nd fin, but do not FO, crochet around Fin 1, then Fin 2 [12]
  • 12SC
  • 3SC, INC, 3X [15]
  • 15SC
  • 4SC, INC, 3X [18]
  • 18SC
  • 5SC, INC, 3X [21]
  • 21SC
  • 6SC, INC, 3X [24]
  • 24SC for 3 rounds
  • BLO 24SC
  • 2SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • 18SC for 3 rounds
  • Stuff the body halfway. 
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • 12SC for 2 rounds
  • Stuff the body to your preference.
  • CC Clematis - 2SC, DEC, 3X [9]
  • 9SC
  • FLO INC 9X [18]
  • 2SC, INC, 6X [24]
  • 3SC, INC, 6X [30]
  • 4SC, INC, 6X [36]
  • 5SC, INC, 6X [42]
  • 42SC for 8 rounds
  • CC Fuchsia Purple - 5SC, DEC, 6X [36]
  • 4SC, DEC, 6X [30]
  • 3SC, DEC, 6X [24]
  • Stuff the head firmly.
  • 2SC, DEC, 6X [18]
  • SC, DEC, 6X [12]
  • Pull a generous tail out of the last stitch. Cinch to close, tie off and tuck the ends into the head. 

Arms [make 2]

  • Start with Clematis- MC, 6SC
  • INC, SC, 3X [9]
  • 9SC
  • CC Aspen- 9SC for 6 rounds
  • Pinch the opening together and single crochet together. [~3SC]
  • Do not stuff the arms.
  • FO, leave a long tail to sew to the body. 


  • Start with Fuchsia Purple- Leave a generous tail, CH19. crochet 18HDC back to CH1,
  • Repeat until there are a total of 7 strands of 18HDC.
  • FO, Leave a tail the same length as the beginning. 


  • Start with Fuchsia Purple- Leave a generous tail, CH20, crochet 18HDC back to CH1, CH1, turn
  • BLO 18 HDC, CHI, turn
  • Repeat until there are a total of 11 rows.
  • SC down in each row to meet the starting tail. [12]
  • FO, leave the same length of tail as the beginning. 


  • Start with Storm Blue- begin at the back of the doll, with the fins facing away from you. Leave a generous tail, SL ST, SC in the same loop.
  • 3SC, INC, 6X [30]
  • 30SC
  • SC, CH1, repeat 30x 
  • FO, leave a generous tail, weave through the inside of the skirt, tie a small knot where the body meets the skirt, and tuck the ends into the body. See assembly. 


  • Sew on the eyes.
  • Sew on the arms.
  • Sew on the bangs.
  • Sew on the hair.


The End

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