General Disclaimers for Use of Cult Amigurumi Patterns

General Disclaimers for Use of Cult Amigurumi Patterns: 

Stolen works suck! Especially when you know you’ve put a copyright on each page of your patterns. Nevertheless, we must share our beautiful work with the world, right? The standard rules apply: do NOT resell the pattern(s), their parts and/or images. You DO have permission to make as many as your heart desires to sell or give away, within reason. So, no mass productions!

Disclaimers for Patterns Inspired by Copyright Characters:

All patterns not original to Cult Amigurumi [ie, Scrump, and Bao] will be posted for fun on this website's free pattern blog. There will be no direct monetary gain of these patterns to Cult Amigurumi. All copyright character inspired patterns are for personal use only. Understand that if you choose to make this character for profit [online or otherwise], Cult Amigurumi will not be held liable/ responsible for YOUR actions. 

Thank You.